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QB Josh Freeman Injured Right Thumb at Gun Range, not Against Chicago Bears

November 28th, 2011 at 6:54 PM
By Wolf Heard

Earlier this month, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman started a bit of controversy when he shown wearing what appeared to be a brace on his throwing hand during an on-air interview with NFL Network. When the media inquired about the injury, it was reported by a Bucs spokesman that Freeman injured his right thumb in Tampa Bay’s Oct. 23rdgame against the Chicago Bears in London.

The team called the injury “very minor” and Freeman himself downplayed the injury by saying it wasn’t a concern.


Well, four consecutive losses and six interceptions later, has learned how Freeman really hurt his right thumb.

According to two sources – one of which was there when the incident occurred – Freeman sprained his thumb during the team’s bye week at a local gun shop and firing range here in Tampa Bay.

My sources tell me that Freeman was firing a Desert Eagle .50 and made a big rookie mistake when firing the gun – he held his thumb behind the chamber and when the gun recoiled, Freeman sprained his right thumb. Freeman immediately called the team doctor and he received six stitches at the firing range.

Because the incident happened during the bye week, the Bucs were able to cover it up by saying he hurt it the week prior against Chicago.

After two weeks of saying the injury wasn't affecting his play, Freeman admitted his right thumb was bothering him two weeks ago after a 37-9 loss to the Houston Texans, a game in which he threw three interceptions.

An injury like this will probably linger for the remainder of the season, but here’s the real question: Why did Freeman and the Bucs cover this up in the first place?

Does Freeman have a clause in his contract prohibiting him from firing guns during the season? Was he simply embarrassed about how it happened?

Look, Freeman is an adult and what he does during his free time is no one’s business. But when his actions do something that causes physical harm and affects his play on the field then the fans and media deserve to know the truth.

And now Bucs fans, you do.  

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2 Responses to “QB Josh Freeman Injured Right Thumb at Gun Range, not Against Chicago Bears”

  1.  Jason DiSalvo says:

    It was proably the 1st time Freeman had an open target to fire at all season. I can see why he was so excited he might have injured himself…

  2. Wolf HeardWolf Heard says:

    @Jason – Yeah, his receivers definitely don’t get much separation. The Bucs need someone who can stretch the field next season.

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